Session 4: Build & Thrive: Mastering Sustainable Community Growth 🌟

Jun 13, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

🌟 Build & Thrive: Mastering Sustainable Community Growth 🌟

🎉 Join us for an exciting and transformative session with Robin MacKellar, Community Program Coordinator at Salesforce! 🎉

Robin will share her secret sauce for creating communities that thrive, focusing on practical strategies and insights that can be applied immediately.

Robin dove headfirst into the community industry when she was hired to support the Trailblazer Community during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. Over the past four years, she has channeled her passion for fostering connections and driving innovation within the Trailblazer Community. Known for her ability to make everyone feel included, Robin excels in building strong, supportive communities.

📅 Event Highlights:

🚀 The Power of Clean Data: Learn how maintaining clean metrics is crucial for understanding your community’s true health.

📅 Consistency is Key: Discover the importance of building a community management plan and setting calendar reminders to ensure consistent engagement.

👋 Offboarding: Understand that offboarding doesn’t mean goodbye, but rather, see you later—maintaining positive connections even when members leave.

💡 Always be Innovating: Embrace innovation and avoid resistance to change as it can block your community’s growth.

🎁 Benefits of Attending:

  • Expert Knowledge: Gain insights from a top community coordinator at Salesforce.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded community builders.

  • Feel Empowered: Leave inspired and ready to elevate your community.

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