How Atlassian built a thriving community.

Bevy’s unique threaded data allowed Atlassian to see the successes of their communities, track the opportunities, and address the challenges. With data they could trust, they were able to accurately and confidently project growth, and strengthen their community.






Our Challenge

A global pandemic

Like everyone, the Atlassian Community team was faced with the daunting task of keeping their community events leaders engaged without the ability to host in-person events. This meant finding ways to enable leaders to host virtual events as well as giving them options to stay connected in our online community.

The Solution

Bevy Virtual Events

Virtual events have been something Atlassian was hoping to tackle this calendar year. They wanted to have a formalized process for virtual events, but it didn’t exist yet. With the help of Bevy, the Atlassian Community team quickly gathered resources, best practices, platform recommendations, and created processes on how to host virtual events.

Cassie Mayes

Bevy allows the team to easily pull accurate data which helps with reporting. Bevy’s forms functionality assists us in collecting post-event member survey data & post-event Leader survey data to keep a pulse on feedback and add additional support/resources where we can. Additionally, our amazing Community Leaders who also use Bevy are fans of being able to share out event information and communicate with their members effortlessly.

Cassie Mayes
Community Operations Manager


A thriving virtual events community

Atlassian has seen a strong correlation between attending a Community Event and product sales, especially within 30 days of attending an event: 81% of ACE attendees downloaded a free license within 30 days of their attendance, and 34% of attendees made a purchase.

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650 virtual events with 20K attendees

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136% growth in membership

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100+ events in less than 9 months

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