How Lambda built a thriving community.

A Y-Combinator startup, Lambda School trains people to be software engineers for free in exchange for a share of future income, which is disrupting the legacy education business.








Our Challenge

Too much manual effort

They needed to build a healthy thriving community. But they were overwhelmed by manual work managing their events. Lambda was looking for a tool that would enable data collection, delegation, and simplifying the management process across student coordinators.

The Solution

A trusted advisor

While the Bevy features and functionality were crucial, it was the IP, methodology and expertise that ultimately drove success. As a nascent community themselves, they needed to ensure success in order to secure more buy-in from the executive team. Having a true partner during this building process has been an important part of their success.

Austen Allred

We have the opportunity as founders, as employees and creators to solve fundmental human desires in a way they've never been solved before.

Austen Allred


Lasting relationships

Lambda has fostered an environment that encourages prospective students to maintain in-person and virtual engagement with current students and alumni. Even after they graduate Alumni can host events and champion LS to prospective and current students.

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650 virtual events with 20K attendees

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1,000+ virtual events in 6 weeks

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+237 events in less than 12 months

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