The Forever Community Gathering: An Experiment in... Something

May 1, 6:30 PM - May 31, 2041, 7:00 PM

The Forever Community Gathering is an event unlike any other. Here, the concept of "forever" takes on a whole new meaning. This is a gathering designed to transcend the limitations of time, existing perpetually in a state of perpetual... well, perpetuity.

However, there's a catch. Due to the event's never-ending nature, it might also be perpetually empty. Imagine a beautifully decorated hall, a stage set for inspirational talks, and refreshments that never go stale – but not a single soul in sight.

Is it a profound social experiment on impermanence? A monument to the fleeting nature of human connection? Or perhaps, a beacon of hope, forever waiting for that one curious soul to stumble upon it and breathe life into the eternal gathering?

The Forever Community Gathering invites you to ponder these questions and more. Will you be the one to break the silence? Join us (if you dare) for an eternity of... well, who knows what?