Vocal Sex Magic Medicine Ceremony

May 26, 12:00 – 5:00 AM

Forest Love, 110 Forest Lane, Berkeley, 94708

Welcome to the
Vocal Sex Magic Medicine Journey ❤️‍🔥

What if your sex, was always magical, wild, uninhibited, and fully expressed?!

 Would you like to feel free to make authentic, pleasurable sounds without shame, judgment or fear?

 Do you feel limited in your ability to speak your heart’s deep desires? 

 Do you envy people who can express themselves with ease? 

 Have you ever wished you could make more sounds of pleasure during sexual experiences? 

 Do you desire a road map to explore the connection between touch and your voice?

 In the Vocal Sex Magic Medicine Journey, you’ll find it easy and fun to to activate your voice, hands and heart for deep intimacy with the help of our fungi friends! 

 Not sure what sex magic is? You’ll learn techniques to use your creative life force energy to manifest your dreams into reality and experience ecstatic states along the way! 

This journey will be taken with a partner who you feel comfortable being sexually expressed with. This doesn't have to be your romantic partner, but should be someone you will enjoy playing with. Panties will stay on, and erotic energy is VERY welcome! 

 Prepare for deep belly laughs, to be surprised by the power of your voice, and to leave feeling blissed out, confident and connected. There will be solo and partnered singing & touch practices. There will be guided erotic explorations (panties stay on!) with your partner for a deep somatic understanding of vocal sex magic and how to explore it in connection for manifesting! 

This is a ceremony that uses a micro dose of plant medicine combined with the transformative power of the Vocal Sex Magic Framework, creating new neural pathways for optimal expression, whether sung or spoken. We will play, sing, dance, touch, and express our pleasure in a safe, nurturing container.

Join Victoria Angel Heart, who will be your pleasure permssionary guiding you through some of her signature Embodied Intimacy practices that will empower you both in and out of the bedroom to express the sounds inside of you that are longing to be set free. Her vocal work integrate her studies in the Full Voice Framework with Barbara McAfee and Body of Sound with Alyssa DeCaro.

What Past Participants Are Saying

"What a magical event! The intersection of voice and sexuality is something that everyone should experience. Victoria models beautifully what it means to fully express yourself and I left feeling inspired and curious. Highly recommend!" 

"Part sensual experience, part workshop, part embodiment practice...this was a delightful space to connect with myself and others in sacred vocal practices honoring my primal and sexual energy."

Important Details

Ceremony takes place at Forest Love in Berkeley on Saturday, May 25th from 5-10 pm. Please do not eat dinner before you arrive. A hearty soup and fruit will be provided at the end of the ceremony. 

Early Bird tickets May 7-12: $77-155
Standard tickets May 13-21: $111-222

Late bird tickets May 22-24: $155-288  

If you'd like to join, please fill out the registration form below. 

We will be co-creating a safe, inclusive container to explore our eroticism and our voices in community, so thank you for your willingness to carefully read and fill out this registration form. 

Note: we will be creating a unified field through the use of a microdose of our fungi friends. Please only register if you feel comfortable going on a journey of expanded awareness. If you really want to attend without the medicine, please send me a text and let's talk about it - most likely, you can join us! 

If there is something you cannot enthusiastically agree with, please text Victoria at 270.994.6650 with questions.

Yours in Pleasure,