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Embracing the philosophy of 'teaching to fish' rather than just 'giving a fish' Learn to Fish community equips individuals with the skills and knowledge they need for sustainable business success and job creation.

Learn to Fish is a community-level system that supports Afghan entrepreneurs and business owners by giving them the knowledge, resources, and networks they need to succeed in their ventures.

From learning workshops to Q&A sessions, fireside chats, discussions, and pitching sessions, this community offers a space where you can learn, mingle, and expand your horizons. Come join us as we work together to create a friendly community that fosters collaboration and growth in the Afghan business environment.

The goal of Learn to Fish community is to develop a sustainable ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic progress in Afghanistan, making a brighter future possible for everyone.

Join the community today and inspire and empower change-makers, shape the business landscape, and drive impactful initiatives that benefit society!

You can contribute by:

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Past events

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