Introducing the Bevy Conference App

Khadijah Plummer
April 20, 2024

Today marks the release of the newest addition to the Bevy Community Event Engine: Bevy Conference App. This mobile app empowers event organizers to give their attendees a better experience on the go at all virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, while accessing increased attendance and engagement metrics within their organization. 

The addition of the Bevy Conference App to the Bevy Ecosystem is part of our goal to build towards a seamless community and event experience for all, no matter the type of event.

“Mobile event apps can offer a personalized experience for different audiences and it makes events more accessible, enjoyable, and interactive. The Bevy Conference App is only our first step to help event organizers and community professionals unlock the full potential of their events and communities to realize higher ROI,” says Mai Medhat, VP of Innovation at Bevy.

Over the course of the last year and a half, there has been a nearly universal shift towards virtual events. As we move forward and navigate the event landscape, it’s clear that digital events are here to stay. Hybrid events are the perfect bridge between virtual and in-person, as it allows for event and community participation based on your individual comfort level. 

Before the pandemic, events were always optimized for the in-person experience, but now with event technology and apps like the Bevy Conference App, events can be optimized for all event settings. With live event technology so accessible and advanced, event organizers should always utilize digital tools to augment the experience.

As more people adopt mobile event technology for use within their communities, an evolution of events is inevitable. In order to meet this need for our new and existing customers, the Bevy Product Team is working diligently to bring new features to this Bevy Conference App each month.

The first wave of Bevy Conference App features focus on event attendees: 

  • Engaging with sessions on the go with Live Stream, Q&A, and Picture-in-Picture capabilities
  • Staying in the loop for the entire event 
  • Multitasking with dual screen capability 
  • Expanding their networks with new and lasting connections

Learn more about the App

By adopting Bevy’s Conference App, event and community organizers will see an increase in attendance and engagement, and foster more interactions with in-app messaging, alerts, and live content. 

Don’t hesitate: Prepare for the shift from virtual to in-person and hybrid events with Bevy.

See Bevy Conference App

Khadijah Plummer
Content Marketing Manager
April 20, 2024

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