We believe in the transformative power of community to enable authentic, meaningful human-to-human connection across the globe
Did you know
Loneliness knows no borders. 1 in 4 older adults globally experiences social isolation.
[World Health Organization]
Loneliness can be as harmful as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.
[U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy's advisory on the health impacts of loneliness.]
Loneliness is linked to increased health risks: cardiovascular disease, dementia, and even premature death.
[U.S. Surgeon General]
Nearly half of U.S. adults have experienced loneliness.
[U.S. Surgeon General]
Community Connections Combat Loneliness:
Participation in online communities was associated with a decrease in loneliness, particularly for older adults.
[University of Chicago Press]
Online communities can provide social support and help combat loneliness.
[Brigham Young University 2018]

Message from Derek

We all crave connection. Being part of a community gives us a sense of purpose, belonging, and social support. Research shows that strong communities lead to greater happiness and well-being.

Loneliness is a challenge millions of people around the world face today. We are living in the loneliest era in human history. At Bevy, we believe in the power of genuine communities to combat that feeling of isolation.

That's why Bevy is harnessing cutting-edge AI technology to empower amazing community leaders out there to transform connections and fill the world with belonging. From events and discussions to forums and emails – into real, meaningful friendships that go beyond the digital world.

Imagine a world where everyone feels like they belong in a community – a place where they're truly understood, valued, and welcomed. Together we can make that a reality.

Join this movement of community! By building strong communities and fostering real connections within them, you can play a part in ending loneliness.

Bevy is here to support you on that journey.

Our Values

Community First
Build for the passionate advocates, the local organizers. Make sure they can galvanize their community and drive impact.
Stand Up
Protect your principles, defend your position, stand by your customers and our team.
Communicate like a legend
Communicate before assuming, actively listen, use clear, concise language to convey ideas.
Build a Legacy
Do what’s needed to get the job done, in the moment, and sustainably over time. Be decisive and have a bias for action.
Let's Grow!
Dream big, work hard, learn from your mistakes, adopt a growth mindset, never give up.
Sounds good?
Join us or drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!

We are Community

Founded in 2017, Bevy was purpose built to help companies build, grow and scale their global communities. Early customers included Asana, Atlassian, and Salesforce. In 2019, Bevy acquired CMX, the largest organization for community professionals, and in 2021 Bevy acquired Eventtus to enhance the growing market need for mobile solutions. In 2020 Bevy added capabilities to host virtual meetups and conferences, as well as hybrid events with a vision to help community professionals thrive, Bevy is committed to helping brands build, grow, and scale their global communities.