Using Bevy Integration with HubSpot to Engage with Attendees

Katherine Boyarsky
April 20, 2024

Event marketing generates business, provides one-on-one customer engagement, grows communities, and builds brand awareness— no matter if you are hosting virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. This year, 86% of organizations agree that community is important to their mission, and almost 7 in 10 organizations plan to increase investments in community in 2022. Events are some of the top drivers of community and will continue to grow in new ways, like hybrid events. 

So, how do marketing and sales teams make the most out of their events?

The Bevy integration with HubSpot allows Community Managers to control and enhance the events that matter most to their business, helping sales and marketing teams to focus their attention on converting their event attendees into an energized community. 

“This integration makes it easier for event marketers and community managers to integrate their in-person, virtual, and hybrid events into their marketing workflows, driving engagement with their users, attendees, and events.”

Qaree Dreher, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bevy

Read on for more insights into how sales and marketing teams of any size and industry can use the Bevy integration with HubSpot to optimize their events.

Benefits of Using the Bevy Integration with HubSpot to Drive Event Engagement

Successfully managing event attendees takes a concentrated effort before, during, and after your event has ended. The Bevy integration with HubSpot helps marketing teams scale their events program by giving you a true 360° view of how customers engage with your events. 

With the CRM integration, users are able to tie together attendee feedback data, event and email analytics, and product engagement to identify how best to increase engagement and satisfaction.

More benefits of using the Bevy integration with HubSpot to drive event engagement include:

  • Decrease operational time while managing event attendee contacts by syncing event data to HubSpot contact and marketing event records.
  • Identify and tailor both sales and marketing tactics to prospective event attendees.
  • Customize event attendee follow-up communications.
  • Increase lead generation by syncing event data to HubSpot and incorporating follow-up nurturing.
  • Manage attendee data and gain insights into your company’s overall community health.
Integrate Bevy and the HubSpot CRM to sync attendee and event data.

3 Ways to Use the Bevy Integration with HubSpot to Optimize Event Data

Event data is used before events to target marketing efforts, during events to manage the attendee experience, and long after events have ended to preserve the attendee relationship and convert engaged prospects into loyal customers.

The Bevy integration with HubSpot uses a one-way data flow to push data from your Bevy instance into your HubSpot account, during which:

  • User data syncs to HubSpot contact
  • Attendee data syncs to HubSpot contact
  • Event data syncs to HubSpot marketing event

Here are a few ways that the Bevy integration with HubSpot can optimize your sales and marketing teams’ use of event data.

Sync Contacts

Sync contacts from Bevy, enabling HubSpot campaigns and email marketing for new user signups. Once identified, new user signups allow businesses to create smarter segmentation and tailored messaging to increase engagement from the onset of the customer journey.

If the integration finds a contact with an existing email, it will update the contact in HubSpot with the new information. Contact data is overwritten with the most current data from Bevy, allowing for real-time contact synchronization across platforms.

For example, if a user is synced with one first name and last name and then later an attendee with the same email but a different first or last name is entered, the contact will be updated to the new first or last name in HubSpot.

How it works:

Every time a user signs up for an account Bevy triggers an update and that user's data is sent to HubSpot. By default, first name, last name, and email address of contacts are automatically sent.

Manage Attendee Data at Scale

As users manage attendee data, they are able to update contact information at scale. Typically managing attendee data is a cumbersome and manual process. Integrating the two systems and automating contact management saves operation teams time with managing attendee contacts.

How it works:

Attendees are synced as contacts associated with their marketing event. Every time a user RSVPs to an event, Bevy triggers an update and sends that data. When an attendee moves from being registered to check-in, a status update is sent in real-time. By default, Bevy sends the first name, last name, and email address of attendees.

Use this attendee data to send automated reminder emails, event housekeeping or networking opportunities during the event, and follow-up messaging.

Sync Event Data

By syncing event data to HubSpot, businesses are able to embed their lead generating events into their marketing strategy and enable sales prospecting. Before an event is created in Bevy, attendees for that event will only sync as contacts. They won't be associated with the marketing event since it wouldn't have existed at the time of sync.

Then, once an event is created in HubSpot, the following information is sent by the Bevy integration:

  • Event type
  • Organizer
  • Description
  • Event Source
  • Event Status
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Event Cancellation Status

How it works:

Marketing events are generated in HubSpot for every event published in Bevy. For events, event title, description, status, start and end date and time automatically sync.

Using event data in sales and marketing workflows readily identifies the individuals who are ready and eager to form a stronger connection with your brand, no matter what stage of their journey they are in. Prospects who engage during sales demos are telling your team they’re ready for more information, and customers who join community events might be perfect candidates to become brand ambassadors.

To begin strategically leveraging the data generated by your in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, add the Bevy integration with HubSpot to your account.

Katherine Boyarsky
Cofounder of CXD Studio
April 20, 2024

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