Introducing: Bevy’s Page Builder

Khadijah Plummer
April 20, 2024

Today at Bevy, we’re pleased to announce the release of our latest product feature: Page Builder. 

We wanted to add this feature to the Bevy’s end-to-end Community Event Engine to give event and community members the chance to make their virtual event spaces feel like home. Page Builder is a powerful tool for customization that allows beautifully branded pages to be easily produced–without leaving the Bevy platform. 

Experience total design freedom: Create and design event pages, chapter homepages, and more. No code required.

Key benefits of Page Builder


Tailor your events with a range of options including templates, customizable elements, rich text editor, and drag and drop capabilities for image and video blocks. Your events, your way.

Edit in seconds

Freely edit text, colors, style, and fonts in a few clicks. Making these sorts of changes will only take you seconds, rather than hours. Take advantage of the no-code editor, or select one of our templates for an even faster end product.

Do it yourself

Page Builder is great for building community landing pages, managing community homepages, and more. All of the power is right at your fingertips.

Highlight: Page Builder features

Templated or fully customized

Whatever you prefer, you can do it your way. Use templates as starting block arrangements to get you inspired. Need to get in and out, no problem? Want to edit every corner? Have at it.

Drag and drop capabilities

Everything from text formatting, colors and styling, image and video embeds, dynamic content, and new page sections can be added and rearranged with Page Builder’s drag and drop functionality.

Preview mode

Curious to see how your design is coming along? Check it out in real time on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Have to step away while building your page? Experience peace of mind, and never lose your place with the autosave feature.


Khadijah Plummer
Content Marketing Manager
April 20, 2024

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