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Welcome to the hub where we are hosting Devoted CG events.

At Devoted CG, we are dedicated to empowering freelance game artists with enriching opportunities and exclusive content designed to enhance your skills and broaden your horizons in the gaming industry. Through these events, we aim to give you access to in-depth training sessions that focus on the latest skills and cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, you will have the unique chance to participate in intimate fireside chats where you can learn directly from well-known Art Directors that have worked on the biggest games in the industry.

Join us every month to connect, learn, and grow with fellow artists who share your passion and dedication for game art. Dive into a world of creativity and innovation with Devoted CG - where your artistic journey gets the wings to soar!

Upcoming events

Mastering Advanced Materials: Tools and Techniques for Game Artists


Community Event


Jason Harris

Yuliia Pl