Mastering Advanced Materials: Tools and Techniques for Game Artists

Jul 17, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

In partnership with CG Spectrum, we will dive deep into the realm of creating advanced materials. This session will be brought to you by one of GG Spectrum's esteemed mentors, Lightfoot Buckeyne.

Lightfoot will cover a range of topics in this virtual event including:

  • Signed Distance Fields

  • Generating Shapes from UV's

  • UV Transformations to Animate

  • Boolean Operations (Union / Subtraction / Intersection)

  • Additional Effects Gained from Method (Glow, Stroke, Shadows, Corner Rounding)'

If we have time, we will also cover some bonus content around how you can generate these from existing textures. This isn't limited to simple shapes, you can use this concept applied to other textures to simply improve the rendering quality and memory cost.

RSVP today as space is limited in this session. We will also be recording the session to share with Devoted CG's artist community.