Enhance Your Community with Bevy’s AI Copilot

Engage your members with Bevy’s AI-driven community platform. Streamline your events, discussions and email into one community toolkit.

Launch Your Events in Moments with AI Suggested Events

With the assistance of Bevy’s AI copilot, organizing your next community event is easy and fast. From providing suggested events to copy generation, our AI copilot allows you to create compelling and effective events quickly. Never run out of event ideas again!
AI-Suggested Events:Generate unlimited event ideas with the help of AI in seconds with one click.
AI-Generated Event Titles and Descriptions: Just input a few keywords about your event theme, and our AI will do the rest, crafting engaging titles and detailed descriptions that attract attendees.
Beautiful event pages: Create beautiful event pages with custom images and no-code publishing in less than a minute. 
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Foster Engaging Discussions with AI Copilot

Keep your community vibrant and interactive with Bevy's AI Copilot, your ultimate tool for starting relevant conversations within your community that drive engagement.
AI-Generated Discussion Suggestions:Based on the description of your community, Bevy suggests targeted discussion topics that will resonate with your audience. These discussion topics are designed to spark interest and encourage active participation, ensuring that your community stays lively and engaged.
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Compose Engaging Emails with AI Email Writer

Say goodbye to writer's block with our AI Email Writer, which helps you compose engaging and impactful emails effortlessly. Simply input your key words or phrases and watch as AI transforms them into professional emails that capture attention and drive action.
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Host Virtual Events with AI Transcription and Summary

Elevate your virtual gatherings with advanced AI features that enhance both the experience and the outcomes of your meetings.
AI Meeting Summaries:After each event, receive AI-generated summaries that capture the key points and action items, ensuring everyone is on the same page and no critical information is lost.
Live Transcribing:Get real-time transcriptions of your meetings, making them more accessible and easier to follow as speakers are talking.
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Bevy is more than just a community tool—it's your AI-enabled partner for building a vibrant, engaged community. Whether you're planning an event, sparking discussions, or hosting a webinar, our platform's AI capabilities are designed to simplify your workflow and enhance your engagement.

Start your journey with Bevy today and see the difference AI can make!
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