Twitch is multiplayer entertainment. Their community was already meeting on their own. Twitch started an official community meetups program to support their Creator Community. They built a formula and program focused on empowering the micro-communities that were forming all over the world.
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Bevy - Community led events
Key Results


Events in 12 months




Growth in membership

Engage, educate and excite

The first challenge was how does Twitch make sure they’re not intrusive. But also to add a layer of empowerment, within the restrictions of open access and inclusivity. And because there was no single source they needed a white labeled community hub to bring everyone together.

Empower the community

The site provides a single source of truth for the community builders to create, promote and run in-person and virtual events. Each of the local organizers has their own social tools. Twitch plays support.

“What’s core to all of us as people is that we really just want to engage with others. We really want to find our people, and our tribe and our place for us to belong. But even the most introverted people want to go out into the real world and celebrate. You are there to say hi to your old friends, or meet new friends. And our meetups allow you to do both. There’s an instant shared connection.”

Erin Wayne
Head of Community and Creator Marketing

A thriving community of super-fans

They now have 50 cities all over the world. Each one of them has their own purpose and they each run a very different way. So what works in Vancouver, is different from what works in Adelaide, or in Chicago. The resilience of the Bevy platform helped the Twitch Community create custom experiences to meet the needs of micro-communities.