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Bevy - Community led events
Key Results







Our challenge

The UiPath Community started at the end of 2016 with the UiPath Forum and became vibrant with local gatherings and hackathons in 2018. From its inception, UiPath both planned and executed fairly successful community meetings on Meetup. Although the community grew rapidly across continents, they wanted to foster even more connection between community members, centralized efforts, and improved data visibility on where they can grow worldwide.

The two main areas of concern: grass roots growth and data ownership.

In 2020, UiPath started looking for a scalable way to increase the cadence of their community meetings and maximize their reach through a “community-meeting-in-a-box” approach. With the help of a sustainable platform to manage chapter leaders and community builders, UiPath was able to scale up community meetings all over the world.

The solution

In order to achieve their goals and objectives around offering more meetings, expanding their reach as a brand, and data visibility, UiPath decided to work further with a vendor dedicated to managing local communities and user groups that can be independent of each other, but still part of one big umbrella in terms of brand, format, access: Bevy. When it comes to features in the Bevy platform, there are two in particular that have helped UiPath to inform their future community initiatives. 

The UiPath team was able to put all of their programs up within the platform, rather than just limiting themselves to events.

Before Bevy, the team at UiPath “...didn’t have a way to communicate with [their] community directly.”

“It was hard to take [our community] from the various suite of tools most are using. Managing the data was an issue. We have a unique branding, and unique branding was what gave us the ability to get us into the community [space].

Andreea Tomescu
Community Program Manager


Today, UiPath uses Bevy as their primary interface when interacting with UiPath community members. This way, their needs of connection with users, receiving feedback and insights, and increased adoption of new features are met. By bringing Bevy on board, the UiPath team gained the ability to understand different segments and aspects of user behaviour. The professional and upscale user interface has made life easier at UiPath, and provided the team with the assistance they need to nurture the different segments of their community.

The biggest outcomes: Connecting UiPath community members with product managers and other experts, and connecting community members one to another. By adopting Bevy, the UiPath team has a better opportunity to network and engage the global community in their mission to accelerate human achievement.  

When it comes to the operations, several big changes for the better have been noted: 

  • Chapter leaders are able to manage and scale groups autonomous and with ease
  • Better communication across the board leads to no more scattered events in automation
  • A unified and simple dashboard led to everyone regardless of position being able to make data backed decisions