With Asana Together, experts and customers can connect to teach, learn, and engage with the Asana team. The Asana Together community program connects customers and experts around the world to teach, learn, and achieve more—together.
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Bevy - Community led events
Key Results


Asana Together members



Support their 3 pronged community programs

Asana needed tooling to support their 3 pronged community program launch, Asana Forum Champions (power users who answer questions from other customers), Asana Certified Pros (consultants looking to offer Asana to their clients) and Asana Ambassadors (champions who are leading the Asana charge within their organizations).

White-labeled community platform

Whitelabeled, branded community platform where all facets of community program, Asana led events, and community led events are hosted. Additionally some internal events take place on the platform as well.

“The current situation has pushed our community team to move quickly and develop more virtual connection opportunities for our members. We've rapidly transitioned to an entirely virtual format. Bevy's brand new Virtual event type has been instrumental in helping us still manage our registration and check-ins through Bevy. We're all connecting in new ways that we need – just doing it virtually.”

Kimberlea Buczeke
Global Community

An expert community ambassadors

235 events in 2019, 289 in the last 12 months, 144 in 2020. 70 chapters representing over 30 different countries. Asana has built an expert community of ambassadors and passionate advocates to bringing Asana to their teams and clients in an efficient and successful way.