Slack wanted to start a platform community. But they need a software platform to build and scale their new community program. They wanted a technology platform that could change and grow with them, and one that would makes it easy for people to get started.
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Bevy - Community led events
Key Results







Starting from scratch

Software and process can be your best friends, and make the job easier. But too much software and process can also clog or overwhelm. With just one person leading the program they needed a resilient platform that would grow with them.

Permission systems

By leveraging the Bevy permission system Slack was able to implement a distributed leadership approach without sacrificing the brand. Equally important, Slack was easily able to safely capture user data and ensure that it was protected. Lastly, they needed a solution that would connect with their APIs and systems of record.

“Bevy stream-lined our processes, connected our systems together, and made it so that we could focus on the content of the events that we were doing, and the community that we were doing it for.”

Elizabeth Kinsey
Senior Marketing Manager

Quick growth

As a result, Slack has been able to quickly build, grow and scale a vibrant user group community that has fueled business growth. The ROI of the Slack user group community is getting members to use more apps, focused on platform usage and increase customer feedback, at scale.